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Have you ever wondered what piece of advice you could give your child to help separate themselves on the basketball court, other than shoot like Curry or dunk like Lebron? Learn the secret to helping your child maximize their time on the court and how you can encourage them to differentiate themselves from their fellow hoopers!

BE A GOOD DEFENDER -. Most players and parents spend the majority of focus on the development of the player’s offensive skills. While offense is definitely an important part of the game, most EVERY player is dedicating the majority of their time to offensive development, leaving defense as a secondary focus. For that reason, many coaches put a high value on top defenders because they are RARE.

Encouraging your child to work on defense just as much as offense will help them separate themselves and earn more playing time. A great defender can earn time on the court even with minimal offensive skills.

How to be a good defender?

  1. LEARN TO DEFEND THE RIGHT WAY. All coaching and training is not created equal. Make sure your child is learning how to practice and play the game correctly. Here at Just Hoop Inc., we start off with DEFENSE as our focus for the first class of our TOTAL SKILLS GROUP TRAINING PROGRAM. Join us and we’ll be sure to get your child going in the right direction towards becoming a top defender.

  2. BE VERY VOCAL. Enthusiasm in defending will put the offense on edge and build momentum with your teammates. While many players are afraid to take off their “cool jacket” and be vocally enthusiastic, the players that learn this skill separate themselves. Enthusiasm is one of our core beliefs at Just Hoop Inc.

  3. BE A HIGH ENERGY & HIGH INTENSITY PLAYER. Defense is just as much mental as it is physical. Working very hard on the defensive end goes a long way. Many intangibles are earned by the hardest worker. Consistency with energy and intensity takes mental toughness but with practice can become part of a player’s identity.

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