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New Year's Resolutions and our Kids

While we set our own goals for the upcoming year, let’s learn how to encourage our children to set resolutions for themselves as well! As your growing child is learning to become more independent, it's the perfect time to help guide them to become their best selves. Resolutions and goal setting are a great way for children to gain a sense of independence and develop strong decision making skills. According to experts, "kids ages 7-12 are at the ideal stage to learn to make resolutions." Christine Carter, PH.D, author and teacher, confirms during this age "they're still young enough that their habits are not firm," making it a great opportunity to help them build good habits and motivate them to challenge themselves.

We as adults/ parents know how difficult it could be to commit to all our resolutions, but we also know that ever so great rewarding feeling when we successfully meet our goals! it's a sense of accomplishment. Our children too love setting goals, feeling accomplished, and having their biggest fans (us) cheering them along the way. Kim Conte, columnist for, explains "to help your child pick a resolution that is both achievable and specific". This will provide greater focus and direction for your child to achieve their goal/s!

Below is a list of some of the top trending New Year resolutions:

1. Help out with chores around the house

2. Participate in youth sports or other youth activities

3. Exercise more

4. Volunteer in the community or at school

5. Learning something new

Follow the below links to learn more!

Happy Goal setting for the New Year!

~Just Hoop Inc.

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