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How to Help Boost Your Child's Confidence

You may be asking yourself how sports/physical activity can boost your child's confidence. Simply put, a physically active child is more likely to perform well inside the classroom and in other aspects of life. We also know that often times the classroom can be a scary place where fear of judgement can hinder a child from reaching their fullest potential.

According to Psychology Today "physical activities increase self-esteem and early positive experiences related to sports help develop healthy confidence". The earlier that you begin working with your children to boost their confidence the better chances they have at achieving success. For example, children that engage in sports/physical activity regularly tend to be more fearless, thus eliminating second guessing themselves which leads to a lack of confidence. The mental and emotional benefits of sports/physical activity increases a child's ability to identify challenges and overcome them.

As we focus on enthusiasm, motivation, and team building, we have found that when feeling discouraged or defeated, there is no better feeling than having a team-mate come along side you to help you push through and finish strong. This type of encouragement is a huge confidence builder. Confidence is key in the lifestyle of sports because when a child believes that inside of them is everything that they need to execute, it shows on and off the court. When other children pick up on this great quality, before you know it, this infectious state motivates and pours onto others which creates a culture of chemistry and success.

Just Hoop Inc. believes in helping to create healthy lifestyles, which have had a lasting effect on our players. As a result, we see that they are more willing to step up and challenge their abilities. After each class they walk away feeling self-assured. By providing a concise path towards confidence, you as parents are also able to benefit by being comforted with our efforts. Below please find the values that we commit to and believe make the greatest difference in producing confidence...

1. Positive Affirmation with our coaching style promoting self encouragement

2. Providing an environment conducive with continually working on the craft

3. Having consistent access to quality education and training

4. Pushing and challenging each players limits which allows them the opportunity to get outside of their comfort zones

5. Encouraging teamwork and enthusiasm

6. Teaching and Implementing "the why" behind the concept of the basketball

Our approach promises a healthy means to grow physically and mentally through the sport of basketball. Basketball is like "speed chess" it is a combination of quick moves setting up your attempt to defeat the king (offense) or protect the king (defense). Players must understand the purpose of their moves to strategically and intuitively string a series of decisions together to defeat their opponents. This process starts with being healthy, active and having the willingness to tackle each challenge thus bringing forth confidence. Enjoy a moment with your child as they take the "healthy kids quiz". This will tell you what area's they are thriving in and will also let you know where your child can use improvement. Let's all join together in being healthy and confident!

Until Next time,

-Coach Will

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